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The Second Vatican Council stresses on the necessity of a suitable formation of the priest for the good of the souls: “This sacred synod is fully aware that the desired renewal of the whole Church depends to a great extent on the ministry of its priests. It proclaims the extreme importance of priestly training.(Decree Optatam Totius (OT), preface)” Meanwhile, our Directory of Major Seminaries states: “For the ministry of priest to be truly effective, capable of transforming each man and all of man, the priest must possess certain qualities, having been trained in every aspects; formation that primarily and principally depends on what has been received and have been undertaken at the seminary”

Stages of Formation

The future of an individual brother in religious life and, therefore, of the Institute as a whole, depends fundamentally on the formation that is given during the time of preparation:



The period of postulancy is a time of first contacts with the members of the Institute

Point of Contact

This period has  the purpose of familiarizing the candidate with the charism of the order and with the obligations of the novitiate. The duration depends the preparation of the candidate.


The religious life in the Institute begins in the Novitiate

The Canonical Year

It is a year when the novices are to experience the manner of life of the Institute and form their minds and hearts in its spirit.  After a certain period, they will receive the habit of the Institute.


After professing the temporal vows, a new life in the Institute begins.

The Major House

During this period, the future priest prepares himself for the future ministry with his Philosophical and Theological studies.

Inside the Formation House

The Priesthood is the Love of the Heart of Jesus

St. John Vianney, Cure of Ars

 The Formation of the Candidates to the Priesthood

The aim of this time of formation is to develop a relationship of deep communion and friendship with Jesus himself.

Life in the Seminary

How is the life inside the seminary? Read more how seminarians of the Institute prepare for a life of missionary adventure.

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Aspects of Formation

We want to form our members in human and Christian maturity so that they reach the extent of the full stature of Christ.

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St. John Paul II

The Magisterium of St. John Paul II provided our characteristic features, which are our tools for the evangelization of the cultures.

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We are the Institute of the Incarnate Word

We commit our whole lives for the evangelization of the cultures

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