DSC02934With great joy, and after too much study, we report to you regarding the first Universa philosophia exam of the Institute of the Incarnate Word (IVE) in the Far East which has just taken place in the San Sebastian Retreat Center in Lipa.

It is curious that many people translate Universa philosophia as “the entirety of philosophy” or as “philosophy as a whole”. The translation is not bad, but, in reference to this course, it is inaccurate. This intensive course is called rightly Universa philosophia because it teaches a philosophy that tends towards the one (unum versus), namely, that it is directed, as its origin and summit, to the one that ordains and intensifies it.

The course proceeds by knitting together the different chapters and philosophical issues through the notion of participation. As a result we don’t get an encyclopedic collection of information, but rather a real wisdom, which goes from the cause to its effects and from the effects to their cause.

The intensive classes were taught during the course of three weeks by Fr. Pablo Trollano, IVE, who came from Taiwan for this purpose. Following this, there was a whole month dedicated to personal study of the material which was taught. This finally culminated in a written exam and the viva voce defense and examination in front of our whole religious family. All the exams were in English, except for one person who did it in Chinese.

We thank God Who gives us the possibility to dedicate ourselves to the knowledge of Himself, to our superiors who organized everything for our best formation and to Saint Thomas Aquinas, who being faithful to God’s will, showed us the metaphysical path to reach that Same Being. And together with him we must also thank Fr. Cornelio Fabro who rediscovered  for us that same metaphysical path and by being original, finding originality.


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