On January 4, 2017 Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa dedicated the chapel of the Novitiate of the Institute of the Incarnate Word in the Philippines in a solemn ceremony held as the fathers of the province of Our Lady of Sheshan convene for the fourth Provincial Chapter.

The Novitiate of the Institute in the Philippines began in 2009 in a rented apartment. On June 2015, the novitiate community moved to the newly-built novitiate house, although the construction is still on going.

The Chapel’s interior design works-the reablo, the stained glass, the altar and the ambo were done by Vitreartus, the same company who prepared for the Papal Mass of Pope Francis when he visited the Philippines back in 2015.

The Chapel features symbols of faith, the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and the coat of arms of the Institute and St. John Paul the Great, the spiritual father of the Religious Family. The retablo features relief of the Annunciation. Watching over the chapel is a large crucifix, for The Mass is the same sacrifice as the sacrifice of the cross .

The Rites of the Dedication is filled with various significations: the altar and the walls were anointed with the sacred chrism, consecrating them for sacred use. The altar and the whole church was then incensed. Lastly, after the altar was prepared for the Eucharistic celebration, the candles, the retablo and the whole of the church was ceremoniously lighted, reminding everyone that Christ is the Light of the World.
At the end of Mass, our Eucharistic Lord was enthroned on the new tabernacle, where God now live among the novices of our Institute, who are preparing for a complete submission to His divine majesty.