On Saturday, the 30th of September, some youth from several schools and universities in the city of Lipa paid a visit to the Houses of Formation of the Religious Family of the Incarnate Word.

Gathering first at the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Sebastian in Lipa, the group proceeded first to the Novitiate House of the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara for a presentation on the history of the Institute followed by breakfast. The group then proceeded to visit the Juniorate Formation House and the Provincial House of the sisters.

In the afternoon, we gathered at the Formation Houses of the Institute of the Incarnate Word for lunch.

The group then engaged in some games to warm up after a hearty meal.

Several talks were then held for them. The first was regarding the Purpose of Life and covered the sources of depression and the pursuit of an ideal. Correcting the popular misconceptions of role models and goals, the Lord Jesus was presented as the most proper and perfect ideal to aspire to as something superior above all others.

Another talk was then given regarding the role, purpose, elements and goals of friendship and how Jesus Christ perfectly fulfills them as the perfect friend who never fails.

Small group discussions were then held to discuss the content of the talks given, which concluded with a Quiz on the topics presented.

The small group discussions were an important feature of the event which enabled them to discuss the things spoken about in a meaningful way and to engage the religious brothers and sisters who coordinated each group in order that the discussion have direction and were more fruitful.

They also managed to get to know the religious better and to come to a better understanding through carefully prepared questions on the talks.

The quizzes also presented another opportunity to review the matters presented in a fun and competitive way.

A brief talk on the purpose and meaning of Confession was then presented followed by the praying of the Most Holy Rosary and Holy Mass. During this time, priests were available to hear confessions and all the youth availed themselves to reconcile with God and to enter again into His friendship.

The most fruitful day came to an end with great hopes of more future meetings.