Tanauan, just like the major towns of Batangas, is rich in history and culture. Tanauan was founded on 1581, on the border with another town called Sala along the shores of Taal Lake. The town was destroyed during the 1754 eruption of Taal Volcano and Tanauan relocated to its present location (with Sala becoming its barangay). The present parochial church is dedicated to St. John the Evangelist.

From April 13-22, 2018, we went to this historical town to preach a weeklong Holy Mission. The parish priest, Fr. Ernesto Mandanas, Jr. assigned us to Brgy IV Poblacion (meaning, we are at the town proper). Over the week, the mission spread throughout the whole poblacion.

The mornings were spent to visit the houses and to invite the people to receive the sacraments. As requested by the parish priest, we used the home visitations as occasions to pray the rosary with the families. The afternoons were spent for catechism (as a preparation for the reception of sacraments), children and youth oratories. The sick were visited throughout the day and confessions were available before every Mass at 7pm.

During the evenings, we have the procession with Our Lady of Fatima which finishes in the chapel of Brgy IV Poblacion. Before each Holy Mass, the Doctrinal Points, a 3-minute presentation of catechetical topics, and the controversial points, a short exposition on topics such as Contraception, Divorce and Homosexuality. After each Mass, there are special blessings for every groups of people (families, children, youth, sick, etc)

As the week progressed, there were many who came to register for the baptism and first communion. The chapel was not able to contain the people for catechism that we have to borrow the nearby barangay hall and convert it into a classroom. On the last day of mission, 144 became children of God by the Sacrament of Baptism while 30 adults received Christ for the first time in the Holy Eucharist. There are more needs which arose during the mission, as there are still many who need the Sacraments of Confirmation and Matrimony.

We also have to mention the big generosity and help of those who take care of the chapel. Their help is of great assistance. They supported us in the mission, and at its conclusion, even provided feast (complete with balloons and food) for those who received baptism and confirmation. They have been thanking us unceasingly; we want to thank them wholeheartedly.

We commend everything to Our Lady of Caysasay, the Queen of the Archdiocese of Lipa.