In the Institute of the Incarnate Word, we want to be rooted in the holy mystery of the Incarnation, when the Son of God humbled Himself, was made flesh and became man, This is “the first and fundamental mystery of Jesus Christ,” so that, founded upon Christ and only in Him, we may move forward with enthusiasm in the restoration of all things in His name.

We want to always draw new light and strength from the mystery of the Incarnate Word since we are convinced that Jesus Christ is the inexhaustible fount of being and of the truth, of the goodness and of the beauty, of life and of love.DSC04303

Our spirituality is marked in a specialway by professing a fourth vow of Marian slavery according to the spirit of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, so as to “Marianize” all our life. We must become apostles of Mary giving ourselves up to Her in a maternal slavery of love, and doing everything “through Mary, with Mary, in Mary and for Mary.”